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gingrich in his home state. romney took the virginia primary. he and ron paul weren't on the ballot there. mitt romney take the vermont primary so two big wins for mitt romney. everyone taking a look at ohio today. it's a key swing state offering a microcosm. overall voters because it has a mix of rural and urban voters moderates and conservatives. santorum had a lead here earlier. but could he hold off the surge? ohio is a bellwether state for the general election. no republican won the white house without first winning ohio. that's why the state is so important and that's why people are watching it so closely. only mitt romney is in massachusetts. newt gingrich is spending his super tuesday in georgia where we just said he has won. as for ron paul, he is concentrating on the caucus states, idaho, alaska and north dakota. north dakota is where he is hoping to pick up his first win. a lot is at stake. a strong performance in states like ohio and tennessee and georgia could help mitt romney to move from front-runner to presumptive nominee. sa
are out as republican presidential front runner mitt romney comes to the bay area tonight. in redwood city his fund- raising event is about to get under way >> we're just a half-hour away from that dinner that is supposed to start here. no sign of mitt romney but what is very clear is two dozen protesters, most of them in support of legislation romney says he would veto it if he becomes president. the other from the california labor federation who says romney is out of touch with mainstream america. that might be difficult image to change after romney makes a mad dash for the candidacy hurt. >> government romney and rick santorum are here for one reason, money. the more they stay in the race the more mitt romney needs to spend money and the more he spends money the more he needs to raise >> obviously we have audio problems with our report for redwood city but we will get an update from her at 6:00. the fund-raiser is 30 minutes from now. later this week the first lady will be making a stop to raise money for the president's reelection campaign. she lands in san francisco on friday. $1,000
near linden. now to campaign 2012, mitt romney has picked up another endorsement from another high- profile republican >> what we need is mitt romney to be the next president of the usa. >> paul ryan threw his support behind romney today. wisconsin, holds its primary on tuesday. former president george h. w. bush, former governor jeb bush have also endorsed romney in recent days. grace lee is in san francisco, a woman trying to keep mitt romney out of her husband's office is in the bay area today >> we're talking about the first lady michelle obama, and it has been no secret that she has been very popular among voters and americans. she is that the care but, academy of sciences and about 350 people are expecting to see her. 63 percent of americans approve of her and that is the number the white house is banking on. >> they won't be eating the kind of fatty, salty, sugary foods that we're trying to keep from them when they're at home >> you can expect first lady michelle obama to be even more visible as the campaign season heats up and there's a reason the white house is wrapping up
like iowa will be one of the key battleground states to watch. romney is fighting hard to widen his lead in ohio with just 24 hours to go. >> have you a big say as to who the nominee will be. >> reporter: that is the most watched race out of ten contests. a new poll shows romney gaining ground and his rival slipping just a bit. the two are now nearly tied. romney is trying to convince voters he is the best choice to shore up the nation's sagging economy. >> i understand what it takes to get a business successful and to do well. i understand how the government gets in the way. >> reporter: santorum argues the fact that romney has a big financial advantage and has not wrapped up the nomination showed voters aren't convinced the former governor is the best candidate to challenge the president. >> this race won't be won or lost in the fall on money. it'll be won or lost on someone who can capture the miami of the american people. >> reporter: the state that he once represented in congress and he needs to win there in order to stay in the race. the former house speaker sounds confiden
front runner but romney is looking to distance himself from rick santorum. officials are still processing results of right now there are no results yet. let's take to out live with the top two candidates are. romney is in illinois and while rick santorum is in gettysburg pennsylvania. illinois is seen as another must win a primary for romney because of its moderate republican electorate. the candidates are already focused on louisiana for saturday. be sure to say with cbs five for up-to-the-minute results throughout the night and the rest of the presidential election. the clock is ticking in the search to find a missing south bay teenager who disappeared on her way to school last week. >> friends and family have been coming and going from sierras home here in morgan hill all afternoon long. they are desperate for any news but so far there is no sign of the missing girl. with each passing hour of the family of 15 year-old sierra lamarck grows more anxious. in an interview, her mother pleaded for a safe return >> we love you we love you, please come back. we want you safe and we
. republican front runner mitt romney received a big-name endorsements from the elder statesman of a presidential family >> we have known him for a long time and he is the man to do this job and get on and win the presidency >> having your support means a great deal to me on a personal basis, a family basis and a national basis >> florida gov. jeb bush echoed his father's endorsement. romney top competitor is in the bay area right now raising money. grace lee is in alamo where there is an event scheduled later tonight >> we're just outside the home of a ceo and they're expecting a couple hundred people a year later tonight. rick santorum should be here a little bit more than one hour ago from now. right now he is in fairfield shaking hands with supporters at the jelly belly factory and it has really put a not in president reagan's love of jelly beans. his speech today is being called a major foreign-policy speech criticizing the president. he has said the president has been weak on iran and during the speech he repeatedly returned to the reagan team >> this is a president reagan
. incredible to watch. campaign 2012 fresh off of his win in illinois, mitt romney has another and doors and under his belt. as he campaigned in maryland he got a call from former florida gov. jeb bush who told him he is backing his run for the republican nomination. rick santorum jumped on a comment from a top romney aide who said that romney positions are like an etch a sketch ploy, easily changed. the next gop primary is saturday in louisiana, a state that newt gingrich is counting on >> we thing energy and money, making simple changes can end up saving hundreds of dollars. how one bay area city is helping find money you never knew you had. >> that is the sound of money. leaving your house they're wasted energy because of suckers like your electronics as >> even when they are plugged in their still consuming electricity >> the city of mountain view is sending out teams of volunteers >> this is a kilowatt meter >> to educate and inform residents on the peninsula on how to save energy. >> you have a low flow shower heads of that is good >> you can hang your clothes outside >> replacing
romney, newt gingrich an rick santorum. now, cbs news exit polling giving us an idea of what's important to southern voters. they say picking a candidate who can defeat president obama a top priority. the economy was the top issue for voters in both states. as the only southerner in the contest, newt gingrich needs a good showing to keep his campaign even alive. he is hoping to emerge tonight as the clear conservative alternative to mitt romney. so is rick santorum. strategists say that battle could leave both of them on the losing end. >> i think what we are really going to find over the next couple of weeks is how much is santorum and gingrich hurting each other. the early polling we have seen from these states, they are almost split right down the middle which gives mitt romney an opportunity to win one of these states. >> mitt romney well ahead in the delegate count. but he has had trouble making inroads with the christian conservatives, evangelicals. he is hoping to pull off victories tonight to show he can win the south. >>> investigators are trying to determine if alcohol played a
for mitt romney but it was no knockout. a strong showing by rick santorum could mean a prolonged race for the republican presidential nomination and grace lee shows us that means it could all come down to california. >> reporter: they may be cheering but after super tuesday, it is still not clear who the republicans want to send to the white house. romney leads with the most delegates but it may not be enough to win the nomination according to political analyst joe tuman on cbs 5 "early edition." >> while it's been good for him that he won that yesterday, his victory was not impressive, not a big number and most of the exit polls indicated that people were not hugely enthusiastic about him. >> reporter: rick santorum could gain momentum in the upcoming southern primaries but to gain the lead, the california republican party chair believed he needs to make changes. >> santorum just can't rely on the southern strategy. he has to now say, i'm better for the party and the country because of x. he can't go back to where it was where it was just harping on romney. >> reporter: with his seco
chance for mitt romney's rivals to halt his momentum. despite his growing delegate lead, romney hasn't done well with the southerners, evangelicals and conservative voting blocs. rick santorum and newt gingrich have consistently split that base. >>> in syria, government forces launched a new wave of deadly crackdowns targeting rebels trying to overthrow the regime. the fighting has killed at least 7500 people and it shows no signs of ending. so far bashar assad's top officials have remained loyal to him but a high ranking member of his government posted a video to youtube announcing that he is defecting. >>> altering your favorite soda. the changes made to how coca- cola and pepsi are made to avoid a cancer warning label. >>> and a family's disneyland vacation ruined. how a grandmother's plans to save money ended up costing her much more. ,, ,,,,,, two people are dead, including the gunman, following a shooting at a psychiatric clinic. poli >>> eye developing story in pennsylvania. two people are dead including a gunman following a shooting at a psychiatric clinic. police say the sho
tuesday. mitt romney toured a factory in ohio today hoping to build on his wins in michigan and arizona. ohio is one of ten states holding primaries march 6. rick santorum is stumping in tennessee where polls show he is ahead of romney. ron paul and newt gingrich are looking at super tuesday as an opportunity to get back in the race. >>> north korea has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment and long-range nuclear weapons testing in exchange for badly needed food and aid from the united states. today's announcement could lead to more talks to convince north korea to give up its nuclear program. >>> a lesson in giving and giving thanks. nearly one year after the tsunami and earthquake in japan destroyed thousands of lives, a group of survivors has come to the bay area on a very special mission. zack heene on the young students who inspired a community. >>> reporter: it's not just a lesson in japanese but a lesson in global giving. this second grade class at rosa park elementary got to meet five japanese college students from one of the areas hardest hit from last year's tsunami. [ non-engl
vote mitt romney. he now gets 16, santorum gets 14. >>> hundreds victimized after death. the valuable items that have thieves targeting a bay area cemetery. >>> plus a 3-year-old hero. what this toddler did that saved his grandma's life. >> and he said i'm here, nana. and i'm going to help you, nana. >> and how nasal washes could increase the risk for a brain- eating bacteria. the cdc warning to prevent the deadly reaction. ,,,,,, pick up the pieces of their homes... after a string of deadly storms... more violent weather is headed to the damaged s. twisters killed 1 >>> thousands pick up the pieces of their homes after a string of deadly storms. and more violent weather is headed to the damaged communities. twisters killed 13 people in the midwest and the south. severe storms with the potential for tornadoes expected to roll through that region overnight through tomorrow morning. >>> a bay area cemetery hit by graverobbers. they have stolen hundreds of valuable vases from burial plots over the last month. don ford on how those vases are easy pickings for the crooks. >>> reporter: pab
quickly, according to the republican candidate rick santorum. >> mitt romney says the rampage shouldn't result in a new u.s. policy in afghanistan. but newt gingrich disagrees. he says it's time for the u.s. to leave the region. >>> a landmark settlement today for san bruno. today pg&e announced it will pay the city $70 million for pain and suffering caused by the 2010 pipeline blast that killed eight people and leveled the neighborhood. but cate caugiran reports the city says there's still a long road ahead to recovery. >> reporter: the city of san bruno one step closer to rebuilding. >> i'm pleased to announce that san bruno has reached a settlement with pg&e in the amount of $70 million for restitution for the citizens of san bruno. >> reporter: the announcement came earlier today. the mayor says the money will help the city recover from the deadly blast in 2010. the money will come from shareholders, not ratepayers. pg&e says the utility company will make the payment within 30 days. the city plans to create a group to decide where the funds will go. these funds are not considered
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13